During Agile2016 in Atlanta, as part of the Agile Amped: Inspiring Conversation series, Diana spoke with Mandy Ross of Sococo about the learning process.

Throughout Diana Larsen’s Agile career, there has been a common thread: she has a strong desire to understand how people learn. Lifelong learner and champion for learning, Diana knows it’s impossible to learn everything. “But if I know that you have some skills that I don’t have, I can either come to you and ask you to help me learn them, or I can turn to you when I need them. And you can turn to me for the things you’d like to learn more about.” Inherent in the learning process is trust and vulnerability. In team retrospectives, each team member has to trust others with their vulnerability in order to open the door to learning. Without that trust and vulnerability, no one learns–and then how do you build anything?

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