We're happy to announce that FutureWorks Consulting staff, Willem Larsen and Diana Larsen, have published a new book through the innovative, interactive publishing service Leanpub. The Leanpub story is interesting in itself, and we hope you will check it out. But more about the book!

The book. Quickstart Guide to Five Rules for Accelerated Learning is a primer for finding your learning blind spots and questioning your assumptions about how learning works. By the end of this short book, you will have transformed the ways you perceive the possibilities and process of learning.

Why we wrote the book. Diana was compelled into this writing partnership from her passion for lifelong learning and helping others learn, individually and in teams, so they can choose the life direction, technical skill improvements, and interaction skill improvements that benefit their work. Willem brought the deep understanding of language learning along with his zeal for the pursuit of excellence and mastery. Both have many years of experience with instructional design, teaching, training, and facilitating in a variety of settings and wanted to share what they've learned about learning.

In this book. The Guide contains descriptions and explanations of the Five Rules:

  • Keep it Alive!
  • Hunt Fluency
  • Start Obvious
  • Stay Focused
  • Adapt the Setting

The authors have also included the Two Values, Three Principles, two dozen Moves, and many tips on how to apply it all to your learning goals. And all for the minimum price of 99¢!

If you've read the book and would like to share your comments here, Diana and Willem would love to read your feedback.