I've been on the road a lot and away from my blog lately. I'm glad to be back and happy to announce the latest iteration of:

Secrets of Agile Teamwork: Beyond Technical Skills

February 24-26, 2009, at the Kennedy School in Portland, Oregon.

Invest in three days with Esther Derby and me learning the interpersonal tools and skills that support highly collaborative software development.

Improve team communications, learn how to give and get feedback in a way that builds strong working relationships, identify and navigate conflict, and help grow your team.

We'll be back at the Kennedy School in Portland, Oregon...complete with funky surroundings, tater tots, and a brewery on-site. (It's a great setting for building new skills , really!)

Register here.

While I've been away teaching workshops, presenting at conferences, and working with clients, I've amassed a backlog of new retrospective activities to post. I look forward to some downtime over the holidays, so I can get them written up and posted here.