Please allow me a bit of a gloat.

Esther Derby and I wrote a book about retrospectives for projects using Agile methods, Agile Retrospectives: Making Good Teams Great! (published by Pragmatic Bookshelf) I actually held a copy in my hands for the first time just last night. The printer shipped them on Thursday. Baby books just born. Practically still wet.

The book offers information that lots of people will find useful, and that's good. But, the most exciting thing about it--it's my first book! I'm feeling all those first time author feelings, like a proud parent.

This coming week, I'm attending the Agile 2006 conference where I'll get to show it to friends and colleagues. Very thrilling stuff.

At the conference Esther and I will offer our tutorial on retrospectives twice. On Tuesday and Thursday afternoon. Look for us in the program. We'll have books there. Come by to take a look and admire our "baby."

P.S. I'm also participating in a few other sessions during the conference. I'll be opening the Open Space on Monday morning after the keynote. On Wednesday I'll facilitate one of the Think Tanks at the Leadership Summit, and Thursday morning, I'll collaborate with Pollyanna Pixton to present a tutorial on "Collaborative Workplaces." If you're at the conference and see me around, please come say "Hi!".