“Our influence is a source of power; the way we influence is unique to each of us.”

What is your unique source of influence and how are you using it in your organization? When have you needed to reach out and tap someone else’s style of influencing to really get things done that benefit the whole?


Discussion about power and influence in organizations and the link to leadership.
Defining influence in the context of leadership and how it is sometimes confused with manipulation.
Defining power: how do we individually or collectively get the things done that we perceive need to be done?
Power is traditionally thought to come from positions, relationships, or personal factors, who you are and what you know. But there is a new phenomenon…power derived from networks.
Using power to connect people to one another and create networks.
Understanding what our unique source(s) of influence is key in leadership.
How does manipulation, persuasion and influence differ? It is important to consider whose needs are met.
How does positional authority fit in an organization and in relation to positive influence? It may depend on the type of situation the organization is facing.

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