“It’s not just enough to get people in the pipeline. You have to make it worthwhile to get them to stay.”

In what ways does your organization seek and hire a diverse workforce? In what ways does it convince them to stay?


How do we prepare, recruit and retain diverse workforces?
Did Diana learn anything new from these conferences?
Blogger (see link below) Why is the Venture Capital/Silicon Valley world only looking for women engineers – we accept diverse experience from men, why not women?
Diana was more impressed by the fact that sessions on diversity in tech were being held at all, than that they had anything especially new to say.
Diana and Sharon’s session at the upcoming Agile 2015 conference – “Are We Doomed to Sticky, Tricky, and Icky? Men and Women in Agile.”
Sharon recently facilitated a panel on “Tackling Gender Bias in the Workplace”.
Gender bias has changed – it’s now more subtle, it has gone underground, and when it hits young women in the workplace it’s a surprise.
For women, is humor a better teacher for men who need to gain awareness of their gender bias?
Agile done well sets up a more collaborative workspace that is more in tune with people who are not into “macho” ideals.
Sharon: “If I had a nickel for every time I’ve thought, ‘this was designed by a man, if a woman designed this they would know not to do this…'”
The infamous wireless microphone made for people who wear pants with a back pocket and a button up shirt!

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