“A team is more than just the sum of a bunch of individual contributors’ thinking together. A team’s primary work is learning together and making decisions.”

What makes a team? How do you become an effective member of a team? And how does your team become effective together?


What makes a team a team? Who and what is the team?
“Cross-functional” means every skill needed to accomplish the team goal is embedded in the team.
Lean guides us to ask those closest to the work to make the decisions about that work.
Sharon has heard this idea of decision-making since the late 70s – and she believes good managers have always known this. Not a new idea!
The worst and most avoidable mistake managers can make is, after asking a team for their perspective, to weigh in with their opinion before listening to what the team thinks. Ask your question and then be quiet.
Decades after knowing better as a business culture, managers still seem to struggle with this issue – complaining they can’t get their team’s feedback while jumping in and giving their opinions before they’ve listened to the team.

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