“At one point during the ‘Women in Agile’ presentation, a man sat down to join the mostly female audience. One of the presenters thanked him for participating. He replied, ‘Don’t thank me – I have a daughter!’”

What are you seeing in your organization relating to women’s experience in the workplace? How are you involved in the growing conversation?


Subject of “Women in Agile” still a hot topic at Agile 2014 Conference in Orlando.
“…this is the first year that the Agile Alliance has been very overt about their anti-harassment policy…”
Agile conferences have a much higher proportion of women attending than any other kind of technical conference.
It’s time to bring back conversations about “Gender Intelligence” and the often differing working styles between men and women.
Attendees are more open and feel safer about having these kinds of conversations at Agile conferences.
It is a courageous thing for a young woman to decide to stand out in the technical world due to very real danger of death threats, rape threats, and so on.
The sense of male entitlement, and the belief that “I got to where I am because I’m so smart.”

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