“Retrospectives help us define and examine a body of work, what we can learn from it, and what that tells us about going forward and then choosing those next steps to move forward.”

What would be useful for you to learn to incorporate retrospectives in your organization? Who would benefit from exploring this idea and how to do this kind of work in an effective way? How open do you think people in your organization would be to including retrospectives as a process for continuous improvement?


Defining retrospectives for the rest of us.
There are many different methodologies focused on continuous learning for continuous improvement.
Encouraging openness and transparency when talking about improvement.
Important to reflect on the specific action taken and to learn from it – each learning experience may be different.
Engaging all the relevant stakeholders in the process is key.
Retrospectives work best when there is a specific focus vs trying to improve everything.
How are organizations embracing the idea of learning?
Importance of creating safe spaces for people to share freely.
The retrospective facilitator must be capable of understanding the needs and process for a successful retrospective.

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