“Leaderful organization…It’s collective because it involves lots of people and it disburses the leadership throughout. It’s collaborative and it’s compassionate…”


Leadership at the team level: How do people show leadership during change when they don’t necessarily hold the leadership title, what does that look like?
Some people in teams step up to one kind of leadership and other people step up to other kinds of leadership and change based on what’s most comfortable for them.
Leaderful organizations where leadership is concurrent versus the traditional notion of a leadership where an individual is essentially in control of everything, steering the change, very dispassionate, doesn’t get involved with people because that’s too costly for a leader .
Leaderful organizations support organizational learning, because it creates opportunities for very rapid adjustments, because people can be leaders wherever they are whatever their role is in the organization.
Aiding in impediment removal – taking a more systemic broader view to make sure that adaptations that you’re making are appropriate. It creates a much more “learningful” thoughtful also cross-functional leadership.
Power and influence: How do we talk about power in a more neutral way that we can enable people to see that power and influence are related and that there is a way to use in a positive way as well as in a negative and inappropriate way?
Power is linked to the idea of motivation, motive, how do you get something automotive, how do I get something to move itself? It’s about motion, it’s about forward movement, how can I help to foster and cause the right kinds of things to happen in my organization?
Power vs. manipulation: How is it differentiated or interpreted? Command and control vs. how do I create the conditions where movement happens, where forward motion is optimal.
The idea of purpose, autonomy and mastery to characterize motivation and power.
The importance of sharing stories, being able to tell stories and understand the organizational narrative and see the possibilities by hearing stories, “yes this is possible”.

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