“Some of the highest performing companies in the country have the culture thing figured out, they nurture their internal brand as a strategic asset that stimulates a strong external brand.” – Ted Sickinger

If you work in a place that you really think could be a top workplace, what is it about that place that makes it so? If you have some opinions about what would keep a workplace from showing up on such a list, we’d be interested in your thoughts on what those conditions are.


Identifying key attributes to top workplaces.
“[Nurturing a company’s] internal brand as a strategic asset … stimulates a strong external brand.”
Open vacation “policies” … as long as you get your work done.
The responsibility of managers and/or leaders in implementing these types of “stances” in an organization.
The move from a paternalistic caretaking organization to “we’re all adults here” type of culture.
The size of an organization may impact the type of culture, stance and/or policy an organization engages in.
The link between people’s happiness and their relationship with their immediate superior. Are organizations paying attention to who gets put in leadership positions and what type of training they are offered?
Top workplaces run the gamut across industries.

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