I think that we have a culture, right now, a business culture, a larger social culture that has so much rigidity around scarcity and fearfulness and a lot of the negative parts of being human and we’re not very much focusing on the positive parts of being human … All of us, men, women, everybody can get better at how we interact with each other at work that opens up possibilities and potential for everyone.

If you have read Lean In, what did you think about it? Did it resonate with you? We look forward to continuing this conversation.


Continuing the discussion about Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg.
Unless the whole system moves, then we’re still not going to be where we could be.
Flexibility or lack of in adjusting annual assessment goals and who should take part in that conversation.
The changing role of Human Resources from compliance function role to an engaged and strategic partner in organizational development.
Impact of culture on our behaviors in the workplace.
Organizations can lead the change by providing flexible workplaces
Can organizations be effective with limited face time?
Being human in the workplace.

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