“The meetings you do have you want them to be a good use of everybody’s time but there is also ‘do we really need to have a meeting every single time?’”

If you have other techniques in helping meetings really work where you work, or things that have worked for you in the past, share your clues, hints, stories, and anecdotes.


Are all meetings necessary?
Making meetings optional would allow employees to determine if the meeting had value for them.
Providing a detailed outline of the meeting – purpose and outcomes expected – can help in understanding what the meeting will be about.
Having meetings open to everyone in the organization – “open door policy” – would enable employees to take part in meetings that interest them and provide insight into departments they want to learn more about.
Through optional, descriptive, open meetings, employees can choose which meetings are on point and valuable for them.
How can an organization communicate which meetings are taking place, beyond just name and time, to all employees in an organization?

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