“ More often the same person who is convening the meeting is expected to lead and facilitate it. Leading it is making sure the right content is being covered, and introducing the content, facilitating it is making sure the discussions go well, that there is a process in a group that gets you those outcomes that you are looking for, and those are really two separate jobs.”

Have you led a meeting where you were both the leader and the facilitator? Or attended a meeting where the leader and the facilitator were the same person? What was your experience?


Meetings and how a leader is responsible for setting the conditions that make meetings more or less effective.
What are some of the underpinnings that make a good meeting: why are we meeting, who should be at the meeting, what are the desired outcomes of the meeting?
Introducing movement in meetings offers a physical and mental break, and a shift in thinking.
Not all meetings are necessary to attend. Ask yourself: what can I contribute to the meeting and what will I take away from the meeting.
Meeting ownership: who is the leader and who is the facilitator?
Meetings should be both efficient and effective.

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