“It is not only new information coming in all the time that needs to be learned. But old assumptions are being challenged, so everything we thought we knew and could be put on the shelf and rely on, those are coming up for grabs too.”

Have you come up with other ideas and application for some of the core principles of lean and notions of agility and complexity?


Defining knowledge workers in today’s working environment.
Formal education redefined – alternatives to the traditional school model.
The way people work is changing – how people prepare for work and what’s expected from them once they get to work.
Adaptiveness in classroom instruction to fit the new ways of learning.
The application of lean principles in the work place can be difficult – employees and employers must go through an unlearning process and a new learning process.
Long term career goals do not necessarily fit in today’s world – it’s about being flexible and open to change – gaining self-knowledge and self-awareness.
Applying work knowledge and principles to other areas of one’s life – “agility in the family”.

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