“In a team situation, having a star performer becomes a threat and an opportunity. If a person is a star performer, their job is to spread their skills around to other members, to mentor and pair with people so other people’s skills are lifted up to where theirs are.”

Have you encountered a star performer in your organization? Was it a positive experience? How did your organization respond to the star performer?


Brief overview of a case study from the Harvard Business Review: the unmanageable star performer. How does an organization leverage a star performer for the benefit of all?
Acknowledge the star performer’s achievement and introduce new opportunities to them to become even better.
An organization should prepare itself for the potential exit of a star performer. There should be a succession plan in place to mitigate risks.
Having a star performer can be a threat and an opportunity.
Beyond generating revenue, star performers can possess rare skill sets that are in high demand and which can make the person indispensable.
Star performers can enhance their standing in the organization and increase the knowledge base by sharing their skill set with others in the organization.

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