“Leadership really comes from the nature of the questions you ask rather than the statements that you make.”

What questions have been particularly powerful for you? What questions have you asked or have been asked that have made a difference in your life or which have stimulated learning in others (and in yourself)?


What role do questions play in leadership? What does the process of asking questions look like?
Using questions to help discern patterns as described in the Human Systems Dynamics model
Leaders do not have to know all the answers – asking questions is not a sign of weakness, rather it opens the door to innovation, engagement and new learning opportunities for all agents in an organization
Asking questions without judgment enables the asker to be open to receiving new information without preconception
Having a holistic understanding of the approach you use to asking questions is essential
Using a set of guidelines in asking questions can also lead to a greater depth of understanding and learning
Change begins to occur from the moment the question is asked

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