“Membership in the secret club carries with it the need to behave in certain ways that may not be your personal inclination. My advice would be to get some experience to get a clear-eyed understanding of what it looks like because it’s not a one size fits all.”

Have you made it in the secret club? What has your experience been like? If you opted out of the secret club, what prompted you to turn away and go in a different direction?


How do you get into the secret club?
The secret club ideology may impact or alter one’s view of the meaning of leadership.
What does it mean to be part of the secret club? Being aware of the demands and how will it impact your professional and personal life.
Secret clubs are not one size fits all – understanding the differences and knowing what to expect.
Leadership at the top – It’s about willing to work hard and building field experience.
The effect of generational differences on organizational leadership.
Skewed perception of what it means to be at the top.