“To really accept that the world and change are emergent is to accept a kind of stance that says ‘I really can’t know the future and I really can’t do a whole lot to prepare for it’ and that makes people, including me, sometimes uncomfortable.”

What kind of changes are you encountering in your organization? How is your view of change changing and what are you learning from that?


Change is changing quickly. How do organizations and leaders adapt to this “new” change?
Looking at change as an emergent process vs one that is linear, predictable and manageable.
Discerning patterns to give us clues on how to approach change.
Defining three different kinds of change: static, dynamic and dynamical.
Dynamical change in a volatile complex world.
Three conditions in an organization to look at what’s going on: containers, differences and exchanges.
HSD models help navigate through the chaos that may arise in complex problems.
Applying models to real life situations through an Adaptive Action analysis.
Whatever issue you are dealing with, you really have to be careful with where you start, because that dictates what conditions, differences and exchanges you look at and the level that you choose to intervene.
Taking very small very simple steps along the way, not letting things get too big and complex or complicated until you know what’s happened.

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