“If we admit that we can continually improve, we somehow think we’re admitting we’re not enough right now. And I don’t think of it that way, I think we are doing the best we can right now, and we can identify a new level of best and strive for that.”

What are you seeing in your organization? Where are your disappointments and what progress is being made? Where you are seeing real progress being made, how it is made and how is it sustained?


The state of retrospectives in Agile and the purpose for continuous improvement.
Introducing change in an organization that can stick despite changes in leadership.
The challenge of the retrospective– what it is and how to implement it effectively.
What is the difference between a check in the box and a real learning experience?
Understanding one’s power in being able to make changes in spite of possible or imagined repercussions.
The impact of change on the individual – how change is interpreted can make it difficult to assess and/or implement.
Engaging everyone in the team in the retrospective by providing an opportunity for each member to lead and own the retrospective.
How to increase positive developments in organizations so they are no longer the exceptions but the “rule”.
Learning by observation can sometimes be more powerful.
Organizational change does happen, it may just take time for it to take effect.

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