“Vulnerability is really about allowing ourselves to be seen… there are ways of being seen a little more clearly in places that actually helps and helps other people and helps the situation.”

What kind of strategies do you use to help you get through the stressful time when you hit the wall? And what are the healthy ways that you’ve found to deal with that? We look forward to hearing some of your tips on how to manage stress and change.


Discussion of leadership and vulnerability. What does it mean to be vulnerable?
Defining vulnerability: myth vs. reality. Vulnerability is about being authentic and open.
Stress can be a trigger for vulnerability. Cultural impact and external expectations can affect one’s ability to accept the idea of feeling vulnerable.
Dealing openly with stress may indicate some type of vulnerability – and that’s okay.
Vulnerability is not a liability, it demonstrates a powerful quality for leaders.
The superhero culture is ingrained in the American mindset and leads both men and women to believe they have to do it all, on their own.
Reaching the limit and what to do about it.
Being okay with saying “no” and letting others around you know are important steps to managing stress and change.

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