“The need to have more women involved in software development, since women are at least half of the consumers of software development … does give us some differences in perspectives, although there are some conversations about how we might characterize those differences.”

If you are a woman, what has your experience been as part of a team in a male-dominated industry? If you are a man, what are your concerns or thoughts about including more women on work teams primarily made up of men? And if you’re leading and you’ve come up with some good ways of making your work environment friendlier to technical women, please share with us what you’ve been doing.


What were people talking about at the ØREDEV Developer Conference this year?
Focus on the influence of the software world and the need for more women in software development.
Ambivalence among younger women to step up. Yet there have been changes and women who are crossing the line and making positive inroads.
The importance of connection among women in the work environment for retention in a specific industry.
Does culture play a role in how women are viewed in the technical industry?
How does the environment impact women’s integration on a team and what are leaders doing to remove barriers?

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