Agile & Retrospective

Steve Berczuk writes a short and succinct article on TechWell describing, “Why Agile Retrospectives are Important in Software Development.” I’m looking forward to reading the comments and responses he gets. More and more I think of Agile Retrospectives as an opportunity for the kind of learning that leads to real adaptive action in complex situations.

Agile Retrospectives


In a recent Sticky Minds column, Naomi Karten writes about PMI (Plus/Minus/Interesting), a technique for helping groups think together about many aspects of an issue.


Diana and Jim in Europe

Jim Shore posted on his blog about two courses, The Art of Agile Planning and The Art of Agile Development, that he and I will take to Europe this spring. He's put in photos and and comments from evaluations when we held the class last October. Participants said nice things, like "The facilitators were excellent! I really enjoyed the 'jump in and swim' approach to applying what we learned as we went."

Since Jim did such a great job, I'm not going to try to duplicate it. I'll just send you here to read about it.


Managing Agile

In this video from the ÖreDev conference, I present some ideas about the changing role of managers in organizations that have adopted Agile methods.

Agile Leadership